PICs – PR students make Dan Moffet proud

Winners at the science fair posed for a group photo after presentations. In the front row, left-right, are Hailey Hewko, Talyn Brecht, Nathaniel Hansen, Grant Tiechroeb, Kobe Villeneuve, and Samantha Monette. In the second row, left-right, are Alyssa Biglow, Paloma Greidanus, Jeka Sobze, Jonathon Goudreault, and Chloe Ferris. In the back row, left-right, are Kate Johnson, Kaylee Davoren, and Ryan Rohatyn.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Dan Moffet Memorial Science Fair. Peace River Glenmary School hosted the science fair with T.A. Norris Middle School in memory of Dan Moffet on Feb. 12, who was integral to the growth and success of the local science fair. Moffet was passionate about sharing his love of science, and went above and beyond to foster a love of science in his students. He played a key role in growing the science fair and was always willing to put in any extra time to ensure his students were successful. We missed Moffet at this year’s fair, but are confident he was there in spirit cheering on all students.

2020 Dan Moffet Memorial Science Fair Winners

Grade 7/8 Chemical and Earth Sciences

Placing Student Project Title

Gold Nathaniel Hansen
& Grant Tiechroeb Exothermic Reactions
Silver Talyn Brecht
& Hailey Hewko Dazzling Diapers
Bronze Kobe Villeneuve Conductivity and Drinks

Grade 7/8 Engineering & Physical Sciences

Placing Student Project Title

Gold Kate Johnson Cellphone Radiation
Silver Kaylee Davoren Angle vs Solar Production
Bronze Ryan Rohatyn Sock-it Launcher

Grade 7/8 Biological Sciences

Placing Student Project Title

Gold Jeka Sobze Seed Germination
Silver Alyssa Biglow Do Signs Matter
Bronze Paloma Greidanus Do Different Sounds

Grade 9

Placing Student Project Title

Gold Jonathon Goudreault Microwave Manipulation
Silver Samantha Monette Puddles of Pigment
Bronze Chloe Ferris Plants on Painrelievers

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