PICs – Meet the GPV Vipers basketball teams

Pictured above is the junior girls team. In front, from left, are Darby Heckbert, Jenna Brulotte and Suzan Kocherla. In the middle row, from left, are Mackenzie Parker, Natalie Janzen, Josephine Roth, Danika Cunningham, Emily St. Laurent, Tina Emard and Miranda Dodwell. In the back row, from left, are coach Pam Heckbert, Kaitlyn Lambert, Starla Gladue, Jessina Goodswimmer, Tiffany Mawonko, Alex Sliger and Nicole Simoneau.
The senior boys team. In front, from left, are Dustin Jones, Benedict Owanga, Cameron Beaudoin, Felix Roth and Andrew Johnson. In the back row, from left, are Jayson Capili, Roland Lavoie, Natha Owanga and Bradyn Heckbert. Not shown is coach Chuck Jones. There is no senior girls team this year.
Above, the junior boys team. In front, from left, are Dawson Auger, Travis Toker, Charles Castro, David Rebamonte and Nathan Simard. In the middle, from left, are Aldeen Garcia, Michael Owanga, Derek Labrecque, Riley Gervais, Raidan Burt and coach Michelle Pitre. In the back, from left, are Bene Owanga, Owen Guenette, Dorian Adams, Thomas Langelier, John Perez, Cole Bremont, Joseph Guerrero and Braydn Heckbert.

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