PIC – Nampa celebrates arrival of Zamboni

Dec. 18 was a landmark day at the Nampa Complex when the community celebrated the arrival of their new 2019 Zamboni Model 446. The project commenced in 2017 and was a combined effort which included the dedicated board members and Richardson Pioneer. Everyone was instrumental in applying for the grant and obtaining donations, this hard work resulted in the arrival of the new Zamboni in July 2019. It replaced an extremely old Zamboni, which is now being used by St. Isidore Cultural Centre. The new Zamboni is working very well maintaining the Nampa Complex ice surface. In the bottom row, left-right, are Francois Allard, Pierre Allard, Quinton Bulford, Lucie & Kevin Krall, and Bobbie Toker. In the top row, left-right, are Simon Lavoie, Lewis Lavoie, Cliff Mikula, Lynn Ollenberger, Dennis Brochu, and Trevor Gach. Many businesses and organizations donated to the Zamboni including Bucholtz Financial Services Inc, Mikula Farms Ltd [Cliff Mikula], Thatchwood Enterprises Inc. [Cliff Mikula], Lavoie Ventres Ltd. [Lewsi Lavoie], Martin Deerline [Dennis Brochu], ATB Financial [Lynn Ollenberger], Gach Farms [Trevor, Jerry, Theresa Gach], the Government of Alberta’s Community Facility Enhancement Program – CFEP, Krall Farms [Kevin & Lucie Krall], Allard Logging Ltd. [Francois, Pierre Allard], and Richardson Pioneer [Quinton Bulford]. The Nampa & District Agricultural Society Board is comprised of Simon Lavoie, president, directors Cliff Mikula and Trevor Gach, and secretary-treasurer Bobbie Toker. Together, they raised $93,500 to purchase the new Zamboni.

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