Permission granted!

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A Grouard landowner has been granted a request to have his property redistricted to allow him to add several structures.
At its regular meeting Sept. 14, Big Lakes County council adopted land-use bylaw 15-2022 to redistrict Plan 1904V, Block X to hamlet resident district from urban reserve.
Council gave final reading to the bylaw after a quiet public hearing.
“We did not receive any submissions,” said Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.
Council received an application from property owner Kyle Borman to redistrict the lot.
Borman purchased the parcel in the county’s land auction June 15, she noted.
“He wishes to place a sea can, a parking site for two recreational vehicles and a future cabin on the lot,” Olansky says.
However, recreational vehicle site and a cabin are neither a permitted nor discretionary in the urban reserve district.
“An application for the development permit has been submitted and will conform to the land-use bylaw once redistricting is completed,” Olansky said.
The purpose of the hamlet residential district is to allow a variety of residential land uses of a smaller scale and higher density compare to hamlet estate, she says.
According to the Grouard Area Structure Plan, the parcel is located within the highway development area

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