Peace River economic committee creates work plan to attract, retain business

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Town of Peace River Economic Development Committee (EDC) has created its 2023 Work Plan, and is eager to set major plans in motion.
“The EDC is a town council committee, so it reports to council and has town staff assigned to it to act as a liaison and record keeper,” explains Mayor Elaine Manzer.
“Public members applied to be on the committee and council selected members to represent various interest categories. A chamber of commerce representative and a councillor representative are also part of the committee.”
The EDC is funded by the Town of Peace River to ensure continued economic development in the committee.
Manzer explains the Town’s 2022-25 Strategic Plan is to Grow Investment in Peace River. Establishing the EDC committee was one of the strategies set to help move them towards achieving the goal.
Peace River council representative on the board is Shelly Shannon, with Brad Carr acting as alternate council representative.
“The group requested funding from the Town and their work plan was used to support the request,” explains Manzer.
“The plan indicates their goals for the year, some of which require funding to be met. Council approved a budget of $80,000. The plan has five strategic priorities, including Downtown Revitalization, Facilitating Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Enhancing Tourism, Changing the Narrative through Improved Communication and Promotion, and Improving Business-related Information and Process and Develop Business Programs.”
The purpose of the various initiatives that will be undertaken by the EDC is to help draw more businesses to town and to support existing business vitality, leading to more employees who work and live in Peace River.
The anticipation is with extra businesses and ensuring long term viability of current businesses, that the community will be able to attract more visitors to help support the local economy, when visiting for any purpose.

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