Peace River council wants to consolidate lots

Emily Plihal
South Peace News

Peace River town council met on Aug. 22 for its regular meeting, making several decisions to simplify future development in and around Peace River.
Council was approached by the Planning and Development officer to consolidate multiple lots in the north end by Peace Regional Pool and Baytex Energy Centre.
Initially the 37 lots that made up the subdivision were created for residential development but is now home to both recreation facilities.
“The area was set aside in a subdivision for municipal use,” says Mayor Elaine Manzer. “Our intent is to clean up some of the lot descriptions for future development or use.”
The Peace Regional Pool is built over seven of the lots and the Baytex Centre accounts for 12 of the lots. Administration was requesting consolidation to accurate reflect the development on the site and to clarify the legal land descriptions of the facilities.
“Our administration was going through the books and wanted to straighten up the books to ensure we can use the spaces.”
There was also a reserve designation on the lots, which prevented the consolidation of them under the Land Titles Act.
Administration was hoping to work with a land surveyor to consolidate the lots, but first the designation would have to be removed, requiring support to remove the designation on the lots.
The change was requested to simplify administrative procedures and would not be expected to affect the town’s use of the area, nor would it impact the public.
Council approved of proceeding with the process to remove the reserve designation of the lots.

Cannabis Production Facility
Northern Sunrise County presented Peace River council with an intermunicipal development plan referral for a cannabis production facility that is proposed to be built near the municipal boundary.
The facility will be located in an existing building, with the future owners already obtaining a licence from Health Canada for “micro-cultivation” of cannabis. Micro-cultivation operations are limited to total grow area of less than 200 square metres and only one micro cannabis operation is permitted at one address.
The grow area of the proposed operation is three 46.56 square metre sealed flower rooms in the building. Cannabis will be grown, but not processed on the site, with all products being shipped to a processor.
“Because Northern Sunrise County and Peace River share a municipal boundary, if development occurs near that boundary we have an agreement that we need to check if the other municipality is okay with the proposed development,” says Manzer.
Manzer says the town has no direct concerns with the development as long as proper ventilation and filtration systems are installed and maintained, and the development complies with all Health Canada requirements.

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