Peace High students rally for Toys for Tots

Delivering food and toys to the Salvation Army are: front row, left-right, Salvation Army’s Sandra Laforest and Margaret Davie, Austin Rollins, Nishaan Singh, Jacey Boucher, Kaci Broome, Kaley Boucher, and Evan Weston. In the back row, left-right, are Lian Bowling, Kadin Crann, vice-principal Lor Knoblauch, Storm Thunder, Kate Johnson, principal Wade Johnson, and Asher Lamabe.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Peace River High School students held a friendly competition last week, all to help a great cause in their community.
The school held its Annual Toys for Tots Drive, an initiative that’s been held at the school for the last 20 years.
Vice-principal Lori Knoblauch says the challenge was held between all of the B Block Classes to see how much the children could raise for the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots initiative.
“There is a different challenge each day,” says Knoblauch.
“(There’s) a different day to bring coins, bills, online donations, food and an ‘everything goes’ day at the end. Usually there are a few classes who really rival against each other and up the competition as each class fights hard to win,” she adds.
Knoblauch explains the class that brings in the highest dollar value per student wins the honour of shopping for the toys in local stores, spending all the money raised as a school. The two top classes are also given a pizza party to celebrate their dedicated efforts in raising funds.
“Students, teachers, and administrators are all involved,” says Knoblauch. “There are even teachers who do not have a class in that block who will join another class as a contributor.”
This year, the students were able to raise $5,800 in money to help purchase toys and gifts for the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots program. They were also able to raise an impressive $2,000 for the food bank.
“This is our school’s number one fundraiser of the year,” says Knoblauch.
“We feel this is an important fundraiser to support children in our community, and their families, by providing Christmas gifts that they may not otherwise receive,” she adds.
The students’ fundraiser only lasts for one school week, making their donations even more impressive.
Knoblauch says Jessica Dubé’s ELA 30-1 class of 20 students raised the most money per student ($126.71 each), earning the right to shop for all the gifts.
If you’re interested in donating to the Salvation Army’s Toys for Tots or Christmas Hamper programs, please call them at (780) 624-2370. They are always short toys for babies under age two and gifts for teenagers.
Individuals who require help with food hampers or gifts for their children can also call the Salvation Army for assistance.

Jessica Dubé’s ELA 30-1 class at Peace High was the winning class. They were the lucky students who were able to go shopping for all the toys. In front, left-right, are Jessica Dubé, Hayley L’Heureux, Laina Gold, Breanne L’Heureux, Sydney Bell, Heyley Redekp, Bianca Swartz, Matthew Carlyle, Austin Rollins, Jacob Marceau and Geordan Still. In the back row, left-right, are Avery Lamont, Mulu Selig, Jaidyn Senft, Kadin Crann, Nolan Smith, and Emery Charles.

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