PCBFA dedicated to growing the beef industry

Cattle in the Sunset House area rest after grazing. The Peace County Beef Forage Association is dedicated to growing the industry in a self-sustaining and profitable manner. Ten municipalities in the Peace conitinue to support the organization.

SPN Staff

The Peace Country Beef & Forage Association [PCBFA] is a non-profit, producer run group that strives to provide leading edge, credible and locally viable information to Peace Country producers through applied research and extension programs.

PCBFA’s vision is to create agricultural systems that are profitable, regenerative, self-sustaining and self-maintaining. At PCBFA, they bring together a network of innovative producers and industry members to discuss ideas and develop profitable and sustainable ways to produce forages and livestock.

Funding from municipalities, provincial and federal government, commissions and sponsorship from local industry, are a large part of how PCBFA utilizes funds to operate. PCBFA values the support they have in the local communities they serve. At a time of economic uncertainty due to COVID-19 they are seeing insurmountable impacts on local economies.

PCBFA proudly announces they have received funding from all municipal districts and counties that have supported them for many years. The 10 municipalities include: M.D. of Fairview, Clear Hills County, M.D. of Peace, Northern Sunrise County, Big Lakes County, M.D. of Greenview, County of Grande Prairie, Saddle Hills County, M.D. of Spirit River and Birch Hills County.

The value that each municipality holds in the future of agriculture innovation represents the support PCBFA has received from these 10 municipalities.

The program that PCBFA has committed to this summer includes research plot sites in Fairview, Teepee Creek, Debolt, High Prairie and many on-farm partnered projects along with a Peace Country wide soil benchmarking project.

PCBFA was also granted the farm land that surrounds the Fairview Airport in a long-term lease provided by the M.D. of Fairview. They are in the plans of conducting farm scale research with local and regional partners.

PCBFA is also planning events that are tailored to its members while still maintaining government recommendations when it comes to safe distancing.

PCBFA works very hard to ensure that the funds received from its municipal partners are utilized to the fullest potential and that the research that is conducted on a local level is demonstrated to producers.

PCBFA enjoys playing a key role in advising and assisting producers when they come to them with their questions on feed and forage analysis, crop plans, grazing management, livestock nutrition and many other ag topics.

In the last two months alone [April and May], PCBFA staff have helped over 50 producers discuss their seeding plans.

A common theme that has arisen is, “What kind of seeding rates should I use to introduce alternative legumes and other forages into existing pasture stands?”

The many questions and advice given by PCBFA staff has prompted its team to ask producers if PCBFA can put up signage on fields where PCBFA has given advice on alternative cropping and cocktail cover crop mixes. Farmers want to know “what’s growing in that field” and where to find the resources they need to make changes on their farm.

Reach out to the PCBFA staff if you’d like to post a sign on your field for your neighbours to see.

Become a member with PCBFA or stay tuned on their Facebook page to see events happening near you.

PCBFS looks forward to sharing the results of its 2020 research program with producers and the many adaptations they can learn from local and regional ag experts to introduce on your farming operation.

In 2020, the Peace County Beef Forage Association has test plots at Debolt, Fairview, High Prairie and Teepee Creek. Above, the High Prairie site is located just north of town and acknowledges its sponsors.

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