Paying your traffic fines online

Spotlight Staff

Did you know you could pay your traffic fines online? Apparently, most do because more Albertans are doing so.

The Association of Alberta Registry Agents says more Albertans are paying their traffic fines online than ever before, and they say it’s because more Albertans now know they have an easy way to pay by simply going online to

Earlier this year, AARA launched a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign reminding Albertans that fines can be paid online.

It worked. AARA says they saw an increase of between 14-20 per cent more fines paid online during the three months of the awareness campaign compared to months before the campaign. From December 2015 to February 2016, AARA saw an increase of 18,601 fines paid online compared to the same time frame one year ago.

“Our goal was to remind Albertans they are easily able to pay their traffic fines. Albertans can avoid the trip to the courthouse, or the nuisance of putting the information in an envelope to throw in the mail,” said Craig Couillard, president elect, AARA.

“These numbers show us that by making it easier for Albertans to pay online, we are not only getting more fines paid in a timely manner, but also contributing to the decrease in administration and resources costs associated with processing payments at a courthouse.”

The awareness campaign featured vanity license plates such as UR2FAST, UOCASH, LEADFT and EZ2PAY to highlight the option for people to pay their traffic fines online. Each vanity plate URL in the advertisements redirects to the website where people can learn more about their payment options.

AARA says most people pay their traffic fines when it’s time to renew their vehicle registration. For some people, this can mean having to pay a larger, one-time amount that takes its toll on their bank balance, because fines become overdue and then additional penalties are added to the original amount.

The website has been available to Albertans since 2001, however independent registry agents across Alberta noticed many weren’t aware of the website and the conveniences it offers.

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