Parents demanding freedom of choice

About 30 people staged a peaceful protest Sept. 10 at the High Prairie School Division Learning Centre to express their opposition to students mandated to wear face masks in schools to prevent the risk and rise in COVID-19 cases.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A small group of students and parents showed their opposition to mandatory masks at a peaceful protest Sept. 10 in High Prairie.
About 30 people gathered in front of the High Prairie School Division Learning Centre.
“This is to unmask our children in schools and on buses,” says Tyson Billings, one of the organizers.
“This is about freedom of choice to raise our children as we like; our body, our choice.”
Billings says the provincial government should not force other organizations to mandate masks.
“The government is using the schools, stores and businesses all to enforce their mandates, which are not law,” Billings says.
“We are not against parent choices to mask their children.
“We’re against the choice being taken away to not mask our children.”
He notes legal action has been taken against the school division to enforce the mandate.
“What else can we do?”
Cole Barber also opposes government restrictions on COVID-19.
“I like my sons to have the choice of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask,” Barber says.
“Mandates are not laws and they are being enforced as laws.
“This is the first time government is taking away that choice from people.
Eric Corbiere says COVID-19 has affected less than one per cent of the population of Canada.
“To enforce these restrictions is tyrannical law and treason against its people,” Corbiere says.
The provincial government mandates that students, bus drivers and other passengers wear masks on school buses, says HPSD communications officer Kyle Nichols.
Regulations for students wearing masks in schools are under authority by school divisions.
Masks must be worn by all students and staff in all indoor common areas and where social distancing cannot be observed.
All visitors inside schools are required to wear their masks at all times.

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