Over 150 booths on display at Falher

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Over 150 booths were displayed at the 2023 SARDA Agricultural Trade Show held at the Falher Regional Recreation Complex on the weekend of March 16-18.

The event, which is much anticipated by both local farmers and residents of the community, saw hundreds of people go through its doors through the three-day event.

M.D. of Smoky River farmer and SARDA board member Luc Levesque says it was great to be able to get back to normal and be able to hold the first trade show since before the COVID pandemic.

“The trade show, is for me, a good reminder of how it takes a whole community to grow a crop,” says Levesque.

“The exhibitors all play a vital part in the success of our farms and ultimately our MD. It’s good to see everyone take some time to connect again,” he adds.

The trade show featured a variety of exhibitors, with a little bit from various genres of businesses. Regardless of whether individuals were farmers or not, the show had a little bit for everyone. The span included financial institutions and insurance companies to custom builders and agricultural equipment dealers and everything in-between.

“Exhibitors were very happy to be back and were impressed with the turnout,” says trade show coordinator Nolan Lavoie.

“Attendees had a good time and said they missed the show and hope it continues to be a staple event in Falher.”

Exhibitors’ sentiment echoed the attendees’ opinion of how the show was executed and its level of success.

“I’ve been attending the show since the beginning, and I really liked this year’s energy,” says Goodon Industries’ Alain Turcotte. “It is always well-attended and provides serious leads for my business. I’ve worked many shows over 30 years and the SARDA show every two years is certainly a highlight and we look forward to it.”

Turcotte also wished to recognize long-time SARDA Agricultural Trade Show coordinator Roch Bremont who passed away suddenly last year. This was the first year in over two decades that Bremont didn’t organize the agricultural show, a void that was unexpected.

“Roch is a massive reason as to why this show is what it is and will continue to be,” says Turcotte. “He will certainly be missed.”

Lavoie says the team is happy that everything went smoothly and are excited to start planning it again.

The next show is tentatively scheduled for mid-March in 2025.

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