Options at PRJH range from band to lifeguarding

The PRJH boy’s basketball team placed fourth at the 2J Zone Tournament. In the front row, left-right, are Neveah Willier, Rebekah Strebchuk, Liam Lamason and Renard Nava. In the back row, left-right, are Darius Willier, Leland Potvin, L.J. Laderoute Willier, Tyson Ladouceur, Jade Esquivel, Diegen Willier, and coach Cheyenne Simms.

By PRJH Staff
For South Peace News

This is the news from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie.
Last week, the honours students spent one afternoon bowling. It was great to see how many students were able to participate. There were also a few honourable mention students who participated. These students were nominated by staff for either their hard work, positive attitude or both.
In Grade 8 LA, the students are learning about Indigenous legends. Jamie Chalifoux, the Indigenous coach at PRJH, came in and talked about passing on stories from ancestors. He explained the purpose of a smudge and gave the students a chance to participate in a smudge.
Chalifoux shared bits of information about himself and through Sharing Circles encouraged the students to do the same. It was a great way to get to know each other a little more. Chalifoux will be back in the Grade 8 LA classrooms to share a legend.
The students are also working on a Cree word wall. They are researching Cree words and making cards that show both the English and Cree words, as well as a picture. Student teacher Terra Shantz is also hoping that some of the words will have Cree syllabics as part of the card on display.
Did you know that in written Cree there are no capital letters?
On March 24 there is another PD Day. Teachers will be learning lots that day!
The Grade 7 Enrichment classes have been practicing their public speaking skills over the last month and a half. Last week, each of the classes held a Speak-Off. A guest judge came to the rooms to listen to each student give their speech. We will let you know next week how it went.


The Raiders Basketball team traveled to Peace River for 2J Zones. They have had a wonderful season, winning gold at the Rim Rocker and Divisionals. They were the top team of every Super Saturday as well. However, they just came up short in the final game and got fourth in zones.
Thank you to the Grade 9s this year for supporting and teaching the Grade 7s and Grade 8s. You will be missed next year, Grade 9s.
Badminton season has started. Last week, students were trying out for the Raiders badminton team.


Lifeguard Prep: Larkin Stokes – In this option you will need to have a towel and a bathing suit. If you are finished your swimming levels 9 & 10, you will be in the lifeguard prep course. If you have not finished all your levels, you will be able to complete them working towards lifeguarding once you turn 16.
Junior Band: Mr. Rattray – This course is intended to provide students with the necessary skill set to discover and pursue a passion for music through instrumental music. Students will select one concert band instrument to perform for the duration of the year, wherein they will learn the necessary musical abilities and techniques to perform various concert band works and to further develop their skills as a musician.
Minecraft: Have you ever heard of Minecraft? You have always wanted to play but do not know where to start? Me neither. Come join me, Mr. Davidson and learn how to play Minecraft.
If you consider yourself a pro and want to school some noobs. You’re welcome to join us too.


The wonderful Frankie Hyde is again cooking in the kitchen at PRJH School. Here are the choices for the next 2 weeks: March 15 – perogy with garlic sausage; March 16 – chicken soup with rice and a bun; March 17 – pizza day; March 20 – chef salad; March 21 – chicken nuggets with Caesar salad; March 22 – cheeseburger with salad; March 23 – pizza day.
At the canteen, students may pay with cash or parents/guardians may please prepay by transferring to prsaccounting@hpsd.ca
This has been the weekly news report from PRJH.

Left-right are Virgil Cunningham, teacher Larkin Stokes, and Saige Payou. They were taking part in Prairie River Junior High School (High Prairie) Raiders Winter Fest recently at Winagami Lake. Students were able to sign up for skiing at the Little Smoky Ski Hill, ice fishing at Winagami Lake, or go to the Big Meadow outdoor rink to skate.

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