Open house April 5 to discuss wind project

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

ABO Wind Canada will be in Falher April 5 to host an open house for its proposed wind project, to help inform residents of what the project will mean for them.

Plans will include a 160-megawatt renewable wind project, inclusive of between 25 and 27 wind turbines, that stretches between Falher and Nampa, and is set to help produce enough clean energy to power roughly 65,000 homes.

“ABO Wind selected the Smoky River region for the project based on factors that include high wind speeds, favourable land topography, electrical transmission grid capacity, and interested private landowners to host project infrastructure,” says ABO Wind Canada Ltd. Social Impact and Engagement Lead David Berrade.

“As Alberta continues to diversify its electrical generation mix, wind energy serves as a low-carbon energy source which will help Alberta achieve a net-zero electrical grid by 2035. We believe that the electrical grid should have a diversity of electricity sources located throughout the province and the Smoky River Wind Project helps achieve this.”

As seen by many projects in the region, renewable energy sources are growing in popularity globally. Berrade explains many areas are looking to diversify from fossil fuels to meet emission reduction targets and to confront the consequences of climate change.

“Alberta has favourable wind and solar resources that will help achieve energy diversity and lower the emissions associated with electricity generation,” explains Berrade.

“If we want to continue to live sustainably within the means of the planet (projects like this must be completed). Alternate energy sources located throughout the province will provide jobs in a growing sector and will provide substantial tax income to municipal districts in order for regions to continue to provide critical public services with less tax contributions from local residences.”

The Smoky River Wind Project is currently in the early planning stages, with ABO Wind’s anticipation to submit their application to the Alberta Utilities Commission in the second half of 2023.

“The Smoky River Wind Project will have considerable positive societal impact in both the immediate area and the province as a whole,” explains Berrade.

“There will be job opportunities throughout construction and many of the goods and services needed will be provided from local vendors. The project also offers an opportunity for the region to establish itself as a leader in all energy forms and signal that the region welcomes significant investments of all types,” he adds.

Berrade says the company is holding its open house to allow individuals to gather information, ask questions, express their concerns, and be part of discussions to develop an informed opinion about the project. He says they will have technical experts throughout the room with information boards to allow individuals to discuss various topics. The purpose is to provide information about the company, the project and also potential impacts and benefits of the project.

“ABO wants to ensure that we learn about and understand peoples’ viewpoints so that they we can provide relevant information or explanations,” he explains.

“Renewable energy is new to this region, and we are looking forward to providing people with answers to any questions they may have.”

ABO Wind’s open house will be held at the Falher Regional Recreation Complex from 6-8:30 pm, refreshments will be provided. If you have any questions prior to the open house, please reach out to ABO Wind’s Social Impact and Engagement Lead, David Berrade by phone (587) 576-5339 or by email at

“We would like to see people (attend the open house) that utilize and own land and live within close proximity to the project, anybody that has questions or concerns about Wind Projects, people and businesses with goods and services that could be involved in the project, municipal government, and any other interested parties,” says Berrade.

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