One win, one loss for GPV Vipers basketball teams

The GPV Vipers played against the Kinuso Lady Knights in the afternoon of December 18. The Vipers won the game by a score of 44-37.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The GPV Vipers junior basketball teams hosted their counterparts from Kinuso on December 18.

The local boys’ team lost to Knights team, while the local girls’ team came out of their game against the Lady Knights with a big win.

Says Henri Valiquette, the boys’ coach, “We’re still a young team. They still need a little work on the fundamentals during the game.”

The first quarter belonged to Knights, as they held a strong lead at the end. However, by the end of the second quarter, the Vipers managed to tie the game at 23-all.

Play continued to bounce back and fourth during the third and fourth quarters. Then the Vipers started to outperform the Knights near the end of the fourth quarter, but their adversaries came from behind to win the game 48-45.

The girls’ game followed, and the Vipers managed to win their game by a score of 44-37. Coach Peter Sutton believes their teamwork is coming together now.

“The girls are learning to work together,” says Sutton.

“No doubt, next year, they will be a much better team.”

Rim Rocker Tournament

The junior teams went to the Rim Rocker Tournament in High Prairie on December 14 and 15. Both teams lost all three of their round robin games.

However, both teams picked up MVP awards.

For the girls’ team, Gabrielle Leclerc, Lisa Roth and Cloe Simmons picked up their MVPs.

On the boys’ team, Lewie Kleyn, Parker St. Laurent and Austin Willier collected the MVPs.


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