Obituary – Adele Dietterle [Overend]

Adele Dietterle

Adele: the dancer, the storyteller, the listener and the learner!
Clara Adele Overend was born in September 1925, the youngest of three daughters, to Sarah and George Overend.
She described, with pride, the entrepreneurial spirit of her mother, widowed young, as her father died in a military plane crash in 1945. Adele, along with her two sisters and her mother, travelled to New Zealand to build a new life after her father’s death, then returned to Canada where Sarah invested in houses and began flipping real estate before it was trendy.
Adele met Oskar Dietterle at the Arthur Murray School of Dance in Calgary. Oskar spent winters working in Calgary and summers on his homestead south of High Prairie. A whirlwind romance, they met in January of 1969 and were married in June of 1970.
They moved to a little house east of High Prairie after they married and lived there until their house was built on their homestead. She was considered the brave pioneer aunt by all of her 11 nieces and nephews and they admired how she maintained the traditions of her upbringing, her good manners,
and sense of decorum all while building a home and life in the north.
Adele and Oskar were beloved by children and adults from several communities in northern Alberta. Adele treated children as young adults which endeared her to them. Oskar played and challenged the
brains of each child with his puzzles and wooden creations.
Adele and Oskar welcomed so many to be a part of their family. From their actual family members, to friends in Europe, to people they knew when they were courting, to neighbours who became best friends, to couples they met as they taught dance, and those they met as they travelled from market to market with their honey, propolis, and wooden creations, they connected with people in a special way.
Adele was an organized, precise person with an amazing memory for people, events, and preferences. She was insightful, non-judgmental, and kind, always noticing the contributions of others. A classy lady, Adele was always dressed in bright tops and pretty scarves. She asked questions to hear the realities of others and was a true listener.
In addition, she read books and articles, always looking to learn something new. Her wisdom was shared through personal anecdotes in such a way that those who were receiving the advice always felt respected and cared for. She celebrated those she loved, especially Oskar, ensuring that their stories were shared.
Adele is predeceased by: her parents; her two sisters, Marie and Madelyn; and three of her 11 nieces and nephews, Joanne, Doug, and Mark.
She is remembered with love by: her husband, Oskar; and her nieces and nephews, Susan, Ian, Barbara, Wendy, Elaine, Karen, Peter, and Jane.
Adele will be remembered as a dancer, a business partner, a reader, a devoted member of the church and a good friend to so many.

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