Notes from the Legislature

Pat Rehn,
Lesser Slave Lake

Hello, Lesser Slave Lake! I hope everyone has been taking to the fall season well.
I believe the biggest news should always come first, so I would be remiss to not mention the fact that as of Oct. 11 we have a new premier sworn to serve our province. Danielle Smith will now be the leader of our province and help chart Alberta’s future. Her strengths as a leader showed themselves well in the past few months and I am eager to work with the new premier of our province to bring improved quality of life to Lesser Slave Lake.
Alberta gained a net 10,000 jobs in September and our provincial labour force participation rate remains the highest in Canada. This is a sign of continuing growth of our economy in Alberta and that the appetite among Albertans for meaningful and engaging work which employs their aspirational and creative talent for the betterment and development of their communities is still as strong as ever. I am eagerly awaiting the return of the Alberta assembly’s business of legislation so that I can continue advocating for more development, more resources, and more jobs for hard-working families of Lesser Slave Lake, who put their all proudly into their work with the dream of a better tomorrow for the generations after us.
As winter again approaches and with so many changes in our province over the last year it is good to give a rear-view mirror look. Alberta, entering this year, did so with continued fiscal uncertainty and just exiting the inertia created by the pandemic. This year, Alberta has enjoyed a magnificent renaissance in not only fiscal capacity through renewed surpluses but also in market confidence and scale of ambition.
Alberta is once again the preeminent destination among provinces where Canadians move to make a living and fulfill their career dreams. Alberta is once more attracting big name projects and every week I hear of amazing ideas our inspired entrepreneurs have in mind to build up our province for the future. With a sense of courage, togetherness and hard work I am certain Alberta’s future looks brighter now than perhaps ever before.
And the credit belongs exactly to Albertans like the people of Lesser Slave Lake who never for a moment lost their confidence in their communities or their potential be it in good times or bad.
It is my sincere hope that as the year continues Alberta keeps getting even better news and that through continued advocacy for the people of Lesser Slave Lake we can achieve the full potential of our region as a community. Representing this constituency remains the finest privilege of my life.
As always, the Lesser Slave Lake constituency office is ready, willing and able to help with constituent’s needs.

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