Notes from the Legislature

Pat Rehn,
Lesser Slave Lake

Hello everyone, I hope the month of August and nearing the end of summer has been an action-packed and fun one for everyone in Lesser Slave Lake.
“The first news to start off with is some of the best, as folks may have noticed the price of gas and diesel has finally begun noticeable drops over the month across Alberta.
This is excellent as it reduces inflationary pressure on both households and the broader economy by reducing the cost of travel.
Our government’s suspension of the provincial gas tax continues to go a long way in ensuring that Albertans pay the lowest prices at the pumps anywhere in Canada and will continue to do so; and argue for similar relief in other provinces as well as to the federal government, whos own taxes hike on a steep bill to our gas expenses.
More good news for our province as a whole is with 15,000 new jobs in July’s update, Alberta has had 9 consecutive months of consistent job growth despite the national economy being far more give and take.
Alberta continues to be a formidably growing economy with over 133,000 jobs added since the beginning of 2021.
This means more opportunities for meaningful incomes and careers for Albertans and it means more money entering the community through its residents, enriching everyone.
The best part of this recent jobs update is in fact that for the first time since 2015, our unemployment rate has been under the national average.
Albertans can take pride in themselves for all the hard work that went towards this recovery and celebrate this victory as theirs.
It can also be celebrated as a victory of common sense government and policy that is interested in unlocking the inherent entrepreneurial instinct of every Albertan.
I am hopeful to see further gains, especially in our region on this front, and will continue vigorously working for it.
Tourism has recovered in a huge way across Alberta which spells a renewed opportunity for Lesser Slave Lake to focus on cultivating the tourism potential of our constituency.
Many constituents in the riding have presented excellent ideas in all regions of the constituency for developing the natural beauty of our area and letting the region prosper through more Albertans seeing it and visiting.
I believe we must pursue those ideas opportunistically as our riding is one of the most beautiful places in Alberta and more should come to know it.
All and all this is a positive month, inflationary pressures and worries are receding and the Alberta economy continues to prove itself a heavyweight when one considers market fundamentals and security.
The Alberta recovery this year was very profound, and I am hopeful as the year moves on into the next that our economy will continue its positive trends towards more growth and more prosperity for Albertans.
As always, my office is ready and willing to help as needed. “

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