Northland students get science fix

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

How do you get 400 students to take part in a science class?

Hook them up through Zoom Webinar with the Telus World Science in Edmonton!

In January, a number of Northland School Division students experienced an exclusive event presented by the Telus World of Science –Edmonton team.

The theme for the virtual learning experience was ‘All About Winter’.

During the event, Northland students participated in 30-40-minute sessions and/or demonstrations by the Science in Motion staff. The team provided explanations of daily learning challenges for the students including building a lean-to, constructing cardboard snowshoes, learning how to make a snow volcano and spruce gum tea, just to name a few.

Parks Canada also participated by having a guest speaker for the students, who explained winter survival. Winter survival topics included building a shelter and a fire, finding water and food, and ice safety.

“NSD [is] exploring ways to improve the way we engage and teach science to students,” says Dr. Nancy Spencer-Poitras, superintendent of schools.

“With help from friends, we have developed a new and meaningful relationship with the Telus World of Science -Edmonton.”

Telus World of Science -Edmonton has developed teacher professional learning opportunities designed for Northland teachers. These opportunities will enable teachers to nurture a love of science for students.

Board chair Robin Guild says the knowledge from science centre staff benefits teachers and students.

“It helps our students understand and enjoy science. Meaningful relationships are critical to supporting student success.”

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