Northern Sunrise supports STARS

A long-time supporter of Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service [STARS] Air Ambulance since 2008 is supporting the organization for four more years.
Northern Sunrise County agreed at its Dec. 14 meeting to support the organization the same as in years past: $2 per capita.
Glenda Farnden, foundation administrator for STARS, attended the meeting and asked for an annual $5,000 commitment from council for 2022-25.
Council’s previous pledge of $2 per capita expired in 2021; however, it was renewed until 2025 as requested. Based on the 2016 census posted on NSC’s website, STARS will receive $3,872 each year based on 1,936 population.
Farnden updated council on missions flown in Northern Sunrise County. Over a five-year period from 2017-21, 59 missions were flown from a high of 19 in 2019 to a low of eight in 2020.

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