Northern Sunrise reducing red tape for Lubicon Band

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

At its regular council meeting on June 13, Northern Sunrise County held a public hearing to discuss redistricting an area within Plan 2221926.

The public hearing received no debate from the public.

Bylaw B432/23 was given first reading at the regular council meeting on May 23, with a follow up of a public hearing last week.

“This is to assist the Lubicon Lake Band as they continue to work on the lands for their reserve,” says Reeve Corinna Williams.

“This redistricting reduces red tape for their development permits,” she adds.

Bylaw B432/23 redistricts all Forestry District parcels within Plan 2221926, which is the future Lubicon Lake First Nation Reserve to the Little Buffalo District. The Lubicon Lake Band and Northern Sunrise administration are working to ensure all provincial requirements are met.

“Some parcels were owned by the County, and these have been sold to the Band’s operating company,” explains Williams.

“Other parcels are owned by the Province and are in the process of being turned over to Canada for the Reserve Lands.”

The redistricting will allow the Band to apply for development permit applications within their surveyed boundaries without having to redistrict each parcel individually, which NSC notes will help to reduce red tape.

“Council voted to amend the Land-Use Bylaw and redistrict the lands identified in the Request for Decision,” says Williams.

“This finalized the redistricting of the requested lands. There is nothing further required from council at this time.”

Williams explains the Lubicon Lake Band will submit development permit applications to the development officer as their construction continues.

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