Northern Sunrise County deputy reeve resigns over protest

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

Northern Sunrise County deputy reeve Norm Duval has resigned his position.

In a letter dated Aug. 9, Duval says he did not make the decision lightly.

“I feel that at this time that I have too many fundamental differences with the rest of council and cannot properly represent them as a leader and that someone else would better serve this important position,” Duval writes.

Duval resigned effective immediately, citing his concern for his own personal health as the reason he did not decide to serve out his term.

Northern Sunrise council dealt with the resignation at their regular council meeting on Aug.11.

“It’s been kind of building up for a while but it really came to a head last Tuesday when we had MLA Dan Williams in the room and some of the conversation that was going down that day really bothered me, and there was definitely a lack of professionalism I think on some aspects,” Duval says.

Northern Sunrise has been outspoken on the issue of proposed changes to linear assessment that would drop property taxes for oil and gas companies, leaving municipalities to sort out how to raise the revenue or cut services to make up for the lost taxes.

“The whole concept of doing what we did to go down to the Legislature and turn our backs on the Legislature I think was not the right approach to dealing with this issue,” Duval says.

“It’s a very important issue and I think the issue should have been dealt with, it needs to be dealt with, but to go down to the Legislature and make a statement like that, I think if anybody did that to this council and turned their backs on this council I think there would be a very defensive approach. It sets up with a very confrontational approach to dealing with a problem that’s as serious as this problem is.”

“I didn’t think that we were a council that were a group of protestors,” Duval says.

However, Duval says overall he is proud of council.

Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba thanks Duval for the work he has done in adding to the well-being of the county and region.

Duval remains on council, but council has accepted his resignation as deputy reeve.

Corinna Williams was appointed by council as the new deputy reeve of Northern Sunrise County. Her nomination was uncontested.

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