North of 60 celebrity on the campaign trail in Peace River

Dakota House poses for a photo with Harmony Barbra Ann Warrington, aged two, after signing an autograph.

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

Canadian celebrity Dakota House has been making headlines across the province with his new bid to become the next MLA of Peace River.

House, who played TeeVee Tenia on the long-running TV series North of 60 and also appeared on the X-Files, is running to be the Alberta Party candidate in the Peace River constituency in the upcoming provincial election.

House has already started hitting the campaign trail in the constituency. He stopped by the Peace River mall on Monday Mar. 11 for a meet and greet promoted exclusively via a live video on his personal Facebook profile, where he enjoys a large social media following.

Speaking with a small crowd gathered to meet him, House emphasized that he was born in Manning and so he has a background in the north. House also talked about his charity, which offers services from youth empowerment workshops and keynote presentations to entertainment including a comedy hypnotist and dance parties.

“Miles stands for Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, Succeed,” House said. He credited his non-profit work with youth through his organization as part of the reason he decided to run as a candidate for the Alberta Party.

“I decided to take it to this level so I could help at a higher level after working on the ground level all these years.”

House took informal questions from potential voters about his views on issues ranging from supporting small business to caribou management. He also gathered signatures for his nomination papers. Then House gave out personally autographed photos to a line-up of locals eager to rub elbows with a star.

Later, House visited the local Wal-Mart, where he shot and posted another live video and also paid for the about $60 worth of purchases made by local couple Shylo Kolsteren and Lesa Johnson.

“My fiance Shylo and I were just doing some night shopping at Wal-mart, picking up a few things,” Johnson told the Express. “When I was at the till paying, Dakota greeted Shylo and I honestly thought they were old friends. He was very kind.”

“He offered to pay and I said no probably about three times but he insisted. We had no idea who he was so it was very surprising that a stranger would pay for our groceries. We thanked him and he introduced himself, told us he was running for MLA. He gave us some helpful information about the Alberta Party and by the end of our chat, Shylo and I were signing his clipboard.”

“A very kind and thoughtful man, [he] would make a great MLA,” Johnson said, and confirmed she would be voting for House.

Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel suffered some recent embarassment when it was announced he had been banned by Elections Alberta from running in an election for five years due to a paperwork error. However, in early March a Court of Queen’s Bench judge overturned that decision and Mandel will be allowed to run in the upcoming provincial election.


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