No more recycling bins needed

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Thanks, but no thanks.
At least until the existing contract expires.
It’s what McLennan town council decided at its Jan. 10 meeting after receiving a request from the M.D. of Smoky River to put recycling bins in the town.
“We have our own recycling bins,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.
Paying for more bins would only duplicate a service already provided.
Before McLennan began its own curbside recycling service, they had recycling bins. It prompted the M.D. to take over the recycling bins because they knew the bins were being well-used by many people, including M.D. residents.
“The M.D. decided to remove the bins late last year and now they are looking at bringing them back,” writes CAO Lorraine Willier in an email.
“They sent us a proposal to have the six bins in McLennan reinstated with a cost-share agreement of 80-20 per cent. McLennan’s annual share estimated to be $921.60,” she added.
At the meeting, Willier said she received about 10 complaints after the bins were removed, most from M.D. residents.
Councillor Maggie Gervais noted people were asking what happened to the bins, adding many believed they were provided by the Town.
Delaurier moved to decline the offer until their existing contract expires, then revisit the request, which council agreed.
“This is one [service] where we already offer it,” noted Mayor Jason Doris.

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