New way to recycle chemical jugs proposed

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A new way of collecting and properly disposing of chemical jugs may be coming to the Peace region.
The M.D. of Smoky River heard about the proposal at its Feb. 9 meeting, with the good news being that one of two major collection sites may be located in the M.D. If so, it may bring a little rent revenue to the local landfill.
“They [Clean Farms] would like to use the Falher landfill,” said ag fieldman Shayne Steffen.
It would be one of two major sites in the Peace with the other at Clairmont. Falher would serve the eastern Peace region.
The idea behind the program is farmers and residents would no longer take their chemical jugs [23-litre and smaller jugs only] to the landfill but be supplied with bags and return them to the retailer, who would collect and store them until pickup where they would be taken to Falher or Clairmont to be crushed and recycled.
Steffen said current chemical sites scattered throughout the Peace would be closed if it was deemed there was not enough usage, although each municipality could still keep them open.
“As a service to residents,” he said.
“They can’t force a municipality to close their container site.”
Girouxville Councillor Alain Blanchette liked the idea.
“I’m all for closing all these sites,” he said.
“No one can say the soil isn’t contaminated under these sites,” he added.
Reeve Robert Brochu noted chemical jugs were supposed to be triple rinsed to prevent contamination but Blan- chette wasn’t so sure.
“I think that’s why they want these recycle bags,” added Steffen.
“I believe in all that,” added Brochu. “Industry will have to have more than one depot.”
Brochu was still concerned because some people with chemical jugs would have to get used to returning them to the retailer instead of disposing them on local land as many did years ago.
“If people have to bring them 40-50-60 miles. . .” he warned.
Brochu suggested local retailers be invited to a future meeting to discuss the idea and ensure “everyone to be on the same page.”
“I think we should be involved,” Brochu added. “I think we should be one of them [two main sites in the Peace].”
As for bags being stored locally, Brochu was OK with it.
“As long as our operators don’t handle them,” he said.
Council invited contractors, retailers and waste commission members to a March meeting to further discuss the proposal.

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