New member for the Town of Falher council

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

James Bell has joined as Falher council’s newest member.

Councillor James Bell

Bell swore the oath of office at the start of the council meeting, held during the evening of November 13. Bell replaces Geoff Turnquist, who resigned from council in October.
Bell has been appointed to several organizations – the Smoky River Regional Committee and the Smoky River Ag Society.

Smoky River Tourism Building
Falher council has decided that the Smoky River tourism board will continue to be responsible for the Smoky River Tourism Building’s utilities.
The Town of Falher has transferred ownership of the building to the McLennan Railway Museum.

Physician Recruitment House
Council has approved a declaration of trust regarding the physician recruitment house.
The Town of McLennan remains the trustee for the house.

ICF & IDP council representatives
Council has agreed to appoint Mayor Donna Buchinski and Deputy Mayor Renee Limoges to the committees for the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and the Intermunicipal Development Plan.

Town of Falher Vision Statement
Council approved a revision of the municipality’s vision statement, which reads as follows: “Our community…proud past, new beginnings.”

Remuneration for sub-committee meeting
Council approved Councillor Lindsay Brown’s meeting with Smoky River Family and Community Support Services, regarding the hiring of a new director. The meeting lasted five hours.

Falher Inter-Municipal Library
Council approved the appointment of Raoul Johnson as board member for the Falher Inter-Municipal Library, with Luc Levesque as the alternate. Council also approved Jean Lemire and Albert Lemire as the auditors for 2018.


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