New approach taken in effort to pave HB road

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A regional approach to secure provincial funding to pave municipal roads in the Hilliard’s Bay area has been initiated by Big Lakes County.
At its regular meeting Nov. 23, council agreed to submit a grant application to the Alberta Community Partnership – Inter-municipal Collaboration (ACP-IC) for a regional transportation network plan with Big Lakes being the managing partner.
Big Lakes will apply for a grant of $200,000, which does not require any local funding, Dave Reynolds, director of corporate services, told council.
For several years, council has applied for funding from the government to pave Township Rd. 752A (Hilliard’s Bay Road) and Range Rd 141 (Shaw’s Point Road) with no funding awarded.
“As such, there is an identifiable need to reframe our approach for funding requests with up-to-date information regarding the current infrastructure in place and the necessary upgrades needed in the Hilliard’s Bay region,” Reynolds said.
Administration recommends council apply for ACP-IC funding to hire a contractor to create a regional transportation network plan.
Because the ACP-IC application requires a partnership of two or three eligible entities, administration approached High Prairie town council to request their support partnership, which was approved by council at its meeting Nov. 8.
“It will be a much more collaborative approach and a stronger applicaton,” interim CAO Roy Brideau said.
Hilliard’s Bay Estates Condominium Association, Shaw’s Point Resort, and Kapawe’no First Nation are also interested in supporting the transportation plan.
“We need to act on this now,” Brideau said.
He noted the work project will cost about $9.5 million.
Many people in the area have connections to Forestry, Parks and Tourism Minister Todd Loewen, MLA for Central Peace – Notley.
The project would focus on obtaining and analyzing data related to the condition of the road networks and identify plans to address deficiencies and identify upgrades.

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