New Ag Services shop included in NSC budget

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Northern Sunrise County is finalizing its 2023 budget, and this year’s allocations will benefit the agricultural services sector of the county.
“Council passed a motion to include $2.7 million into the 2023 capital budget for the construction of a new shop for the Agricultural Services department,” says Reeve Corinna Williams.
“The current building will remain where it is, and the shop will be added in the yard.”
The building will be located at 10203 Railway Avenue in Nampa and will provide more space for the Agricultural Services team to conduct its business.
At the Sept. 26 review meeting for the 2023 draft operational and capital budgets, council asked administration to provide rationale for the proposed Agricultural Services building before approval of a provisional budget. Administration provided more information at the Nov. 29 meeting.
Following construction of the medical centre in Peace River, council decided to start investing in its own infrastructure, including the Administration Building, Public Works Shop, and the Agricultural Service Department building.
Work plans began on the Administration Building and rough plans were considered for the Public Works and Agricultural Services Building. Renovations to the Administration Building have been completed, but it took longer than expected, which CAO Cindy Miller noted in her request for decision document to council. Funds were still kept in place to continue design of the package for the new agricultural building so council would be ready to commence the build once funding for the project was approved.
“Additional space is needed for the work that is currently done in the shop part of the current facility, hence the decision for the new building housing those services,” says Williams.
“The new building will provide more shop space with additional resources for working more effectively, efficiently, and safely.”
Council approved the allocation of funds for the build at its Nov. 29 meeting to be included in its 2023 budget, and the project will commence in the new year.

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