Never too young to learn the importance of Remembrance Day

Kindergarten students at High Prairie St. Andrew’s School learned about war and local people who served during a tour of the High Prairie branch of the Royal Canadian Legion on Nov. 7 leading up to Remembrance Day. Students, left-right, are Saevy Brust, Lila Demeule, Lucho Wong, Phillip Greeff, Charlotte Donahue and Stella Salopree. Students proudly wear poppies they made in class. Each year, kindergarten teacher Colette Caron takes her students to visit the Legion days before Remembrance Day. Legion president Don Ebbett led the tour where the students learned about photos of local people who served in war and other historical items on display. He shared stories about local war heroes and veterans. Students also learn about the special outside cenotaph that lists the names of local people who died in battle.

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