NDP make villains out of power companies, then ask for investment

Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta
News release

Edmonton – Today (Sept. 14), the Progressive Conservative caucus is questioning the provincial government’s vague plan to bring in new investment and create jobs by implementing a renewable sources target by 2030.

“With the continued attack on private industry in our province, I find it concerning that the government would announce a plan for renewable sources heavily relying on private-sector investment,” said Ric McIver, Progressive Conservative Interim Leader and MLA for Calgary-Hays. “Recently, we saw this government try to break Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with companies that have made enormous investments in Alberta over the years. I fail to see how any company would want to invest another dollar in our province after witnessing that.”

“While the Progressive Conservative caucus firmly believes in action on climate change, it’s important for this government to understand that investor confidence is at an all-time low in Alberta,” said Rick Fraser, Progressive Conservative Environment Critic and MLA for Calgary-South East.
“Attempting to vilify power companies and then asking them to invest billions into our province is not how Albertans do business.”

While the NDP government insists on pitting action on climate change against growing our economy, the Progressive Conservatives will continue to provide common-sense solutions that will protect our environment and Alberta families. Information about our plan for action on climate change can be found at abpcmla.ca/ENGAGE.

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