NDP carbon tax will make life harder for families at a time they can least afford it

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The NDP government’s new carbon tax bill will just make things worse for families and businesses with increased costs at a time they can least afford it, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today (May 24).

With Alberta’s economy contracting by over four per cent during the past year, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said this new NDP carbon tax is the last thing families are asking for around their kitchen tables.

“Albertans are hurting across the province and many families are waking up wondering if they will be able to hold on to their job by the end of the month,” Jean said.

“An aggressive carbon tax that simply squeezes families and businesses for every spare penny will not help people pay their mortgages or get back to work. Without acting in concert with competing economies here in North America, this tax will just make it more difficult for our economy to recover.”

The carbon tax will also come with a big price tag for Alberta’s charitable, health and education sectors, none of whom have been exempted from the carbon tax. Alberta’s municipalities will also be forced to cover higher costs without exemptions.

Wildrose Shadow Electricity & Renewables Minister Don MacIntyre said he was disappointed with the lack of information from today’s announcement detailing where and how the billions of dollars in new spending will be allocated.

“The NDP government is asking the average household in Alberta to be poorer because of this carbon tax, but won’t outline where every dollar will be spent,” MacIntyre said.

“Wildrose will be working hard in the legislature to oppose this legislation and put forward amendments that protect Albertans from seeing higher taxes and higher costs.”

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