Museum location of Halloween fun

Volunteers for the Night at the Museum included: front row, left-right, Gisele Dallaire, Terry Webber, and Jason Talbot. Second row, left-right, are Sandy Primeau, ZuZu Miller, Terri Paradis, and Kirk Portsmouth. In the back row, left-right, are Breeanna Kehler, Cole Portsmouth, Crystal Tremblay and Anita Portsmouth. Missing from the photo are Lynn Florence and her two grandchildren.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Smoky River Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) held a Night at the Museum on Oct. 29 in lieu of Halloween.
“We had 175 participants attend the program and they loved the idea, this may become a yearly event,” says FCSS director Crystal Tremblay.
“The museum came alive with participants and actors that night and we could not have asked for a greater turnout.”
The evening was held at the Girouxville Museum, with donations requested (but not required) for the food bank, museum or FCSS programming for admittance.
“Many people were commenting on how long it had been since they were in the museum or that they had never been,” says Tremblay.
Night at the Museum entailed volunteers playing historical characters at the museum. There were some general characters, such as a nurse or teacher and some were more historically linked to timelines, such as King Henry VIII.
“The evening was very successful and there were visitors of all ages,” says museum board member Terri Paradis.
“Some little ones came in costumes and lots of laughter could be heard throughout.”
Organizers said they wanted to have an event to link to Halloween, but without the typical Halloween theme. Their intention was to have an evening that could provide some Halloween fun without doing a haunted house or something that would be scary for young children. All FCSS family activities are meant to provide fun for people of all ages.

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