MP Arnold Viersen speaks to M.D. council and mayors

MP ViersenArnold_CPCb&w(ONE-COLUMN)Mac Olsen
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Arnold Viersen, the Conservative MP for Peace River-Westlock, met with the council for the M.D. of Smoky No. 130 during their meeting in Falher on Feb. 10.
Viersen discussed issues of concern to him, such as pipeline construction, a new softwood lumber agreement with the U.S. and rural priorities versus urban priorities. Viersen expressed concern about the direction that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking the federal government in.
Viersen is a member of the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, as well as a member of the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association and the Canadian Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.
Viersen took questions and comments from council, as well as Mayor Jason Doris for the Town of McLennan, Mayor Donna Buchinski for the Town of Falher and Mayor Carmen Ewing for the Village of Girouxville.

STARS presentation
Glenda Farnden, the senior municipal relations liaison for the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service Foundation in Grande Prairie, made a presentation about the coverage provided by the air ambulance service to the region in the last five years. She also talked about the importance of fundraising and the contributions made by municipal governments.
The M.D. of Smoky River has a four-year agreement to provide $7,500 per year to STARS.
Also present was Thierry ‘Terry’ Breuls de Tiecken, an air captain and aviation base manager. He highlighted the night vision goggles that STARS pilots now use and gave some technical information about the air ambulance service’s operations.

Subdivision and power line extension applications approved
Council approved four subdivision applications, including one for Gilbert and Evelyne Lefebvre for their property located at NE 9-77-22-W5M, to accommodate an existing farmstead.
The second application was for Richard Maisonneuve, at NW 18-77-20-W5M, for a farmstead separation. Maisonneuve also had another application for NE 18-77-20-W5M, for agriculture and recreation use.
The fourth application was for Louis and Avis Gagne, for SW 13-77-20-W5M, for a farmstead separation and a home business separation.
Council also approved a power line extension application for Emile Doucette, for LSD 16-8-79-22-W5M.

Payments approved
Council approved the payment of $147 to the Farm Safety Centre, to provide the ‘Safety Smarts’ education program to the Hutterite Brethren Schools in the area.
Council also approved the requisition of $16,600 for Veterinary Services Inc. for 2016.

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