Letter – More support expressed, to leave the NAR station in Falher

To the Editor:

I commend Marc Bremont for his “Letter to the Editor” written recently in the Smoky River Express regarding the removal of the Falher NAR station to McLennan.

I am the daughter of Noel Boisvert who was the last station agent in Falher. I was appalled to learn that Falher Council has agreed to move the NAR station to McLennan.

(This is in no way a slight to the wonderful residents living there.)

I support the letter written by my sister Patricia Boisvert Drapeau who outlined the importance of the Northern Alberta Railway. Need I say more about its important role in “growing the north.”

My husband and I recently returned from a glorious trip to France. We walked on ancient cobbled roads that have been there before the time of Christ, visited many of France’s numerous castles and museums – also, many more historical sites equally preserved and totally splendid.

Tourism is now their number one industry and I wonder what would have happened if their forefathers had forsaken their history and thought only – “forget the past and look to the future.”

Certainly, there is a time to look to the future but also a time to NOT FORGET THE PAST”.

Emilie Boisvert


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