Former student and a teacher since 2005, Monique Dubrule, appointed Vice Principal of G.P. Vanier

Monique Dubrule

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

High Prairie School Division recently appointed Monique Dubrule as Vice Principal of Georges P. Vanier School as former Vice Principal Pam Heckbert takes over the principal’s position.

Dubrule grew up in McLennan and attended G. P. Vanier before receiving her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 2005, and that year she returned to Vanier to teach junior high.

While Dubrule is primarily a mathematics teacher, she has taught a wide variety of subjects, and also teaches a technology course.

In spite of the new administrative demands of her role as vice principal, Dubrule does not anticipate any real change in her relationship with the students.

“I will be teaching half time, I will still be teaching 3 math courses and a technology course as well,” She says, “I feel that I will still be quite involved and I am not thinking that my relationship with the students will change too much.”

She also says that as vice principal she is committed to continuing to build a successful school and having a strong relationship with students and staff.

“Just keep evolving and bringing in new people and keeping it strong. Doing what we have been doing and making sure that every student is successful.”

Dubrule and the new principal Pam Heckbert have worked together since Dubrule began teaching at G.P. Vanier 12 years ago. Dubrule says she is really looking forward to working with Pam Heckbert and she anticipates a very smooth transition.

Dubrule is bilingual and an active community volunteer with Twilight Figure Skating Club, Smoky River Minor Hockey and Smoky River Dance Society. She is also a badminton instructor certified with Alberta Badminton and has led the G.P. Vanier Mentorship Program for the past 2 years.

“I have a lot of pride in my community and in the students that come here. Because I think this is my school and being from here just adds more of an emotional aspect to it. Teaching with teachers who taught me and now being a Vice Principal, the school for me has been a very positive experience and I just want to create that for my kids and everyone else’s kids as well.”

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