Miserable Miles seeking donations for food bank

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

Racers will get to climb over, under and through obstacles in a test of their strength, agility and endurance at the annual Miserable Miles race on Misery Mountain.

The 5.5 km obstacle race will be held September 14, and features a 212 meter vertical ascent.

Miserable Miles board member Shanelle Thompson presented about the race to Peace River town council at their regular council meeting August 12 as part of the group’s request for a $5000 grant.

“Each year we’ve consistently had more than 150 participants from all over.

Actually last year we ended up having six register from the North West Territories which was pretty cool,” Thompson said.

While the obstacles this year are the same, next year the group hopes to purchase a better quality slip and slide.

Last year Miserable Miles installed a new monkey bar obstacle and started using a new finish line.

This year the event will feature three food trucks and the local brewery, but the biggest new feature is a chip timer the event has purchased.

Chip timing is able to precisely measure individual race results through the use of an RFID chip tracking a racer’s data digitally.

“With your chip, you can upload it to any social media, whatever, Facebook, Instagram,” Thompson said.

“As soon as you cross that finish line, it posts a picture of you and your time, and it says ‘I completed the Miserable Miles,’ and it posts it automatically, and it shows all our sponsors as well which is really cool.”

This year Miserable Miles is supporting local mental health group Beyond the Heart Clubhouse.

“We’re hoping to get enough grant money this year to cover all of our operational costs so that we can use almost all of our registration fees to make a big donation to the Clubhouse,” Thompson said.

The race is also seeking donations for the food bank and has been challenging local businesses to contribute.

“We’re at just about $2000 worth of food to donate there and we’re going to keep collecting until August 23, and then stop until race day and we’ll keep pushing it for that day,” Thompson said.

“I’m hoping that by race day we can have a huge donation to them because I just find that Christmas is the only time that they really get the big donations and they’re in need all the time,” she said.

Thompson said the group has not had to struggle to find donations or volunteers and has been able to maintain three subcommittees.

“That’s great because sometimes we’ve observed that the same group gets tired out over time,” said Deputy Mayor Elaine Manzer.

“It’s really just a super awesome event, we’ve had lots of support from a lot of people in the community,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s company Rocksteady Oilfield has helped with t-shirt costs, while RentCo donates a skid steer every year.

The race uses pond hockey’s tents and in return helps them during pond hockey season.

“It’s kind of non-profits helping non-profits,” Thompson said.

Notably, Northern Sunrise Country Deputy Reeve Norm Duval is participating in the obstacle race. The county has already contributed $5000 to the event.

For more information on how to register or to make a donation to the food bank, visit the Miserable Miles Facebook page or their website www.miserablemiles.com

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