Minister reduces Falher council to 5

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Town of Falher has a new council with one new member and a reduced number of seats.
Donna Buchinski was elected mayor by council during its organizational meeting Oct. 12.
Councillor Robert Lauze was elected the deputy mayor.
Councillor Gaetane Pizycki was sworn is as the only new member of council.
Councillor Lindsay Brown and Councillor Daniel Morin were also sworn in as all five seats on council were filled by acclamation.
Falher council was also reduced to five members from seven under a Ministerial Order by Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver, Falher CAO James Bell says.
The change complied with the Local Authorities Election Act [LAEA] after the Town did not receive enough nominations by the initial deadline of Sept. 20.
“When sufficient nominations are not received, the timeline for accepting nominations must be extended,” Bell says.
“In that time, we received only one additional nomination from the previous four by the end of the extension.”
Under the LAEA, if sufficient nominations to fill all vacancies are not received, the secretary shall immediately notify the relevant minister, who may recommend a change in the status of the local jurisdiction or any other action the relevant minister considers necessary.
“Therefore a letter was sent to the minister on Sept. 27,” Bell says.
The minister’s office replied Oct. 8 with a Ministerial Order allowing the Town of Falher to proceed with a council of five, with the condition that a byelection be held to fill the vacancies prior to April 30, 2022.
Council also changed its meeting night to the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. from the second Monday of each month.

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