Minister Lowen says he is up to the challenge

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen is pleased to be part of the provincial cabinet serving under Premier Danielle Smith.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen is eager to build his region and province as the new minister of forestry, parks and tourism.
“I am extremely pleased with this cabinet role,” says Loewen, who was appointed Oct. 21 by new Premier Danielle Smith and sworn in Oct. 24.
“It will be extremely exciting to use my experience working with the land here in the northwest in a way that benefits all Albertans.
“I know that the premier expects our ministries to be responsive, efficient and working towards the benefit of Albertans first.”
He is committed to building and supporting tourism in his riding that includes the Falher and McLennan region.
“I know that the Smoky River region and the Peace Country have a great deal to offer in terms of recreational lands, parks and tourism,” Loewen says.
“I want to ensure that this part of the province receives its fair share of the resources available for promoting and maintaining those spaces.”
He plans to enhance tourism in the province.
“I will be looking more into specific projects and outstanding issues that can be resolved,” Loewen says.
He is committed to support the forest industry.
“Forestry is a hugely important industry in northern Alberta and I look forward to working with the sector,” Loewen says.
“The bulk of forestry activity happens in northwestern Alberta and my goal is to build a solid relationship with producers and workers, doing everything possible to ensure the sector can continue to contribute so much to our economy and communities.”
As a cabinet minister with an added workload, he remains committed to his constituency.
“I am passionate about both the ministry role and promoting the needs of my riding,” Loewen says.
“I fee feel up to the task.
“In many ways, I will have even more opportunity to represent local folks and their needs through my role as minister.”
Smith and Loewen talked about a post the days after the new leader and premier were announced Oct. 6.
“We had some productive discussions about my strengths and interests and we worked to identify various areas where I could assist her and the government team,” Loewen says.
“The final decision did not come as a surprise when she reached out to me prior to the public announcement.”
Former Dunvegan – Central Peace MLA Hector Goudreau served as minister of tourism, parks, recreation and culture in Alberta from Dec. 15, 2006 to the provincial election March 3, 2008.

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