Message from the Acting Fire Commissioner (Alberta)

Spence Sample
Spence Sample

October 9, 2016 marks the beginning of another Fire Prevention Week. The theme this year features smoke alarms and the importance of replacing aged, out of date smoke alarms.

Why focus on smoke alarms three years in a row? Quite simply, because smoke alarms are your best tool for safety in your home but they are taken for granted.

Research shows us that a properly installed and working smoke alarm can cut the chances of dying in a fire in half. Yet we know that too many homes in Alberta do not have this life-saving device and in too many homes they have been disabled.

In as little as three minutes, a fire can become deadly to the occupants due to toxic smoke from burning synthetic materials present in drapes, carpeting and furniture. Fires don’t happen like in the movies. They are fast and dangerous and we need every possible second to evacuate. Smoke alarms are a key part this quick evacuation.

So we will continue to remind all Albertans about the tragedies and loss fires can cause. And as always, we will take this opportunity to remind Albertans about the ways they can prevent fires and protect themselves and their families.

Yours in fire safety,

Spence Sample,
Acting Fire Commissioner,
Office of the Fire Commissioner,
Municipal Affairs

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