Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone – Reeve Brochu

Reeve Robert Brochu
M.D. of Smoky River

On behalf of Council and staff, I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous year.

Looking back at 2018 it was quite an eventful year which included many experiences and successes.

With provincial and federal elections on the horizon for 2019, we look forward to continuing serving our residents and ensuring our community is well-represented provincially and nationally.

2018 showed the resilience of our community as it was faced with major flooding. The tireless work of our Protective Services team, Public Works team, and entire municipal staff ensured the safety of our residents and the continuation of services for our region.

Despite the flooding, the municipality was able to complete a number of road upgrades including graveling, bridges, and culvert replacements.

Once again, our agricultural community was faced with a huge challenge with the weather this fall.

Fortunately, we had the “Ten Day Window” at the end of October that allowed us to harvest most of the crop.

The state of the oil industry has definitely had a negative impact on our community this year, so hopefully there will be better news on the horizon for 2019.

We look forward to a great year in 2019. In co-operation with other levels of government and our neighbouring municipalities, we hope to complete a number of new projects and continue to make our M.D. a flourishing place to be.

Thank you all and Happy New Year once again.


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