Meet the next generation of construction workers!

Kindergarten students at High Prairie St. Andrew’s School got a close-up look at heavy equipment from the Town of High Prairie public works department on Oct. 19. Students in Colette Caron’s class enjoyed the time sitting in the driver’s seat of a backhoe, a dump truck, a steer skid, a picker truck and a sidewalk sweeper presented by public works employees. “They were grateful to the Town public works employees for bringing some of the equipment,” Caron says. The class was learning the letter C during the week Oct. 16-20 with the theme of construction. “They had a construction play centre in the classroom and they were excited to get a real-life hands-on look at the town’s amazing equipment,” Caron says.

A class act for public works! Kindergarten students at St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie and Town of High Prairie public works employees pose for a group photo. Town equipment operators brought several vehicles to show students in Colette Caron’s class on Oct. 19. Students, left-right, are Phillip Greeff, Everly Timmermans, Lila Demeule, Jirah Palisoc, Aurora Auger, Brielle Killeen, Charlotte Donahue, Jerik Chalifoux, Garrett Coleman, Kai Auger, Nikola Courtoreille, Juhanko de Goede, Saevy Brust, Emmett Lambers, Stella Salopre, Kaz Supernault, C.J. Flores, Joachim Oriabure and Lucho Wong. Town crew standing, left-right, are equipment operators Riley Prevost, Jayson Ferguson, Caton Korzenowski and Joe Hyde.

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