Meet the Georges P. Vanier boys’ junior and senior basketball teams

Above, the junior high boys’ team. In front, left-right, are Riley Garant, Parker St. Laurent, Braydon Parker, Dominic Sliger, Cole Fournier and Hunter Dumont. In the middle row, left-right, are Coach Jesse Benoit, Brett Heckbert, Jayden Boucher, Luwie Kleyn, Lyndon Louis and Lucas Hauch. In the back row, left-right, are Layne Cuthbertson, Patrick Pabalan, Austin Willier, Cory Brulotte, Chance Johnson and Aaron Archbold. Not show, Coach Henri Valiquette.
Above, the senior high boys’ team. Front, l-r, Adrien Maisonneuve and Bradyn Heckbert. Middle, l-r, Travis Toker, David Rebamonte, Owen Guenette, Dorian Adams and John Perez. Back, l-r, Derek Labrecque, Tanner Hatter, Dylan McIntosh, William Hauch and Thomas Langelier. Not shown, Cole Bremont, Andrew Chalifoux, Riley Gervais and Coach Tammy Langelier.

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