M.D.’s mowing program is behind schedule because of rain, says ag fieldman

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Rain has hampered the M.D.’s mowing program because of the rain.

So the shoulder cuts have become the top priority, because the ditches have been too wet. Full cuts in designated areas will be completed after the shoulder cuts.

The designated areas are north of the blue ridge and west of Range Road 220.

Also, if it becomes dry enough, herbicide applications will be done through the M.D.’s mowers, on brush and targeted weeds.

Normand Boulet, the agricultural fieldman for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, discussed this as part of his report to council during their meeting on Aug. 10.

He also noted that the main spray program is progressing, although it has also been delayed due to rain.

The M.D. is focusing on the area south of Highway 679, including the Guy, Triangle and Whitemud areas.

A weed notice has been enforced and other weed issues are being dealt with cooperatively.

Surveys are being conducted for grasshoppers, Fusarium graminearum, Virulent Clubroot and Blackleg.

In other news, CleanFarms will hold an obsolete pesticide collection program at Crop Production Services in High Prairie on Sept. 23.

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