M.D. council passes $14.8 million 2017 budget

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
During their meeting on May 10, council for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 approved a budget of $14,785,091 for 2017.

Council also approved Bylaw No. 17-892 for the property taxes. All property taxes must be paid in full by July 31.

Dog control bylaw approved
Council passed Bylaw No. 17-893, a dog control bylaw for the hamlets of Guy and Jean Cote.

Subdivision time extension
Henry and Brenda Vink have been given a one-year extension for their subdivision application, to subdivide their farmstead located at SW 3-74-19-W5M.

$5,000 donation to golf course
Council approved a $5,000 donation to the Smoky River Regional Golf Course.
In return, the Smoky River Regional Golf Society is offering free memberships to all M.D. residents, employees and firefighters.

Fire chief’s report
Fire Chief Marcel Maure gave his report for April.
Smoky River Fire and Rescue received eight calls for service. There were six medical calls, one house fire and one oil well lease compressor station was destroyed in a fire.
Maure also noted that the fire department will train to dispense Naxalone, which is used to assist those at risk of dying from Fentanyl overdoses.
Also, an open house will be held at the new regional fire hall, located just west of the Rocky Mountain Equipment dealership, beginning at 10 a.m. on June 23.

Ag fieldman’s report
Normand Boulet, the agricultural fieldman for the M.D., gave his report as well.
Boulet noted that the assistant weed inspector position is vacant. All the other positions have been filled, however.
Also, he was waiting for an update from Alberta Agriculture regarding the M.D.’s request to make genetically engineered alfalfa a prohibited noxious weed.
Other counties and rural municipalities in the Peace Country have sent in similar requests and others are discussing it.
Finally, Alberta Agriculture is seeking input for a new wild boar eradication program.

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