The M.D. council approves a series of financial requests for 2019

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on December 12, the council for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130 approved a series of financial requests by organizations for their 2019 budgets.

Council approved the Smoky River Regional Economic Development’s budget of $120,000, with the M.D.’s share being $73,029.98.

The Peace Library System’s request for $6.37 per capita – totaling $12,886.50 – was approved. Council also approved the funding requests for the Falher and McLennan Libraries, with each receiving $6,069.

Peace Regional Victim Services will receive $4,046 from the M.D., or $2 per capita. Smoky River Family and Community Support Services will receive $19,772.50, as well as a letter of intent from the M.D. about participating in that organization’s 2019 program.

Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program
Council approved a letter of support for Town of Falher’s Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program. The four other municipalities are partners in this programs, and Smoky River Regional Economic Development is assisting the Town of Falher with their application.

Fuel tender
Council approved Max Fuel Distributors’ fuel tender for 2019.

Power line salvage
Council approved ATCO Electric’s request to remove a power line on private land at SE 3-78-20-W5M.
Council also approved a farmstead separation for NW 36-76-21-W5M, pending the completion of all conditions.

Gravel request approved
A delegation from the Northern Alberta Historical and Railway Museum Society requested gravel from the M.D. for their site in McLennan.
Council approved using $10,000 from the 2018 budget to provide 500 square yards of gravel to the railway museum. However, it is dependent on the public works department having the time to do the work.


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