McLennan wants the best bang for its buck

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

McLennan town council wants to ensure they are getting the best value.

As a result, they are inviting Smoky River Economic Development [SRED] to its Jan. 11 meeting to update them on projects.

Approving money for 2021 was on the agenda for approval at council’s Dec. 14 meeting, although the matter was somewhat of a moot point after CAO Lorraine Willier told council they had to give six month’s notice to pull out.

The good news is the requisition decreased in 2021 to $14,965.18 from $16,352.19 in 2020.

Councillor Christen Eckhard questioned the value of being a member, asking what benefit McLennan had the last 10 years.

“It hasn’t benefited the area,” he said.

For example, council heard a hemp project SRED was working on will not occur for at least two years.

“Nothing stands out in the region,” added Councillor Sue Delaurier.

Councillor Dwayne Stout questioned the apparent strategy of going after big projects. He suggested putting their energy into 10 smaller businesses.

“I think we want to be real,” he said.

Councillor Terry Calliou examined the budget and noticed a lot of time and expense was dedicated to attending conferences and gathering information.

“…and nothing happens,” he said.

“We’re spinning our wheels,” said Delaur- ier.

Nonetheless, council decided to invite SRED to their next meeting to examine the budget and receive an update on current projects before deciding if they want to continue support.

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