McLennan staff will decide which holiday is best

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Concerns from Town of McLennan staff regarding the new Sept. 30 holiday were heard loud and clear by council, who will let staff make the final decision.
Council first decided at its Sept. 14 meeting to close their office on Sept. 30, now recognized as National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. The problem arising was that another holiday had to be eliminated which turned out to be what is called the floater date around Christmas.
CAO Lorraine Wilier updated council on the matter at its Oct. 12 meeting saying staff were “not happy” about the elimination of the holiday at Christmas.
“They’d prefer to work Sept. 30,” she told council.
“I can understand their disappointment,” said Councillor Marie-Anne Jones.
Councillor Terry Calliou had another suggestion.
“The 30th is a reflection day,” he said. “You don’t have to give the full day. Even if you gave an extra hour for lunch. . .it would still come out the same way.”
“Would it?” asked Jones.
Willier added council would prefer instead to lose the Jan. 2 holiday or Easter holiday.
“Christmas they spend with their families,” she added.
Nonetheless, council was adamant Sept. 30 would remain a holiday.
“I don’t know what the answer is,” said Councillor Sue Delaurier.
It was Councillor Luc Dubrule who suggested leaving the decision to staff to which council agreed.

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