McLennan seeking alternate logo

McLennan town council is very happy with their logo but there is a problem with it.
The logo is so detailed it is very expensive and very difficult to reproduce.
Therefore, council is asking the public to submit samples of a new logo to use only for promotional purposes; the current logo is being kept.
“It is a spectacular logo,” said Councillor Marie-Anne Jones at council’s March 13 meeting.
“And I don’t want to see it go,” added Councillor Sue Delaurier.
CAO Lorraine Willier explains the problem with the logo.
“Our logo has many colours and is very detailed making it difficult to stitch on promo items,” she wrote in an email.
“With all the details it makes the logo heavy when stitched onto items such a T-shirts and then the material gathers up.”
Council is inviting people to submit a design for the new logo by April 11.
“We want something simpler, less detailed,” says Willier.

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