McLennan Rec Board cites accomplishments

Members of McLennan Parks and Recreation board, Top, second from left: Maggie Gervais, (Treasurer) Sue Delaurier, (Director) Marie-Anne Jones (President) and Margret Jacob (Secretary.)

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

At the McLennan Parks and Recreation AGM, held February 27 in her President’s Report , Marie-Anne Jones thanked all volunteers for their work and enthusiasm, saying they should be collectively proud of all that the Rec Board has accomplished in recent years, and that the year that just ended is no exception.

And considering the degree of those accomplishments some sense of pride is certainly warranted.

The Joint-Use Agreement with the Town and Ecole Providence School is working well for all involved.

Adult basketball, family badminton and Smoky River Runners Club are all gaining numbers.

Children’s Pond Hockey program also saw its numbers go up with 23 participants and 4 volunteer coaches.

The McLennan Fitness Centre has seen positive enrollment of new and returning memberships and the Rec Board also purchased new equipment, wifi and bluetooth speakers for the facility.

The Recreation Board along with the Town of McLennanh had an inspection completed on the Hamelin-Leiding Playground.

More sand was brought into the facility, the sand tilled, a weed control spray done and safety issues fixed.

The rec board also held a public meeting to recruit volunteers to sit on a playground sub-committee to oversee improvements at the park, and that meeting has resulted in the creation of a ROMP sub-committee under the auspices of the McLennan Parks and Recreation Board.

On fundraising matters, the second annual Oktoberfest was an “outstanding success,” raising $7289.79 profit for the Parks and Recreation.

With Octoberfest in mind, the society purchased a “jagermeister shooter machine,” and having such positive response to this event, Oktoberfest will continue to be an annual fundraiser.

Another extremely popular fundraiser was the first East Coast Night, which raised almost $6,000 and the rec board has sheduled a second East Cost Night for April 27 at the Elks Hall in McLennan.

Another annual events the Rec Board has considerable and ongoing involvement are the McLennan Family Day celebrations.

“Once again this annual town-wide event was a huge success,” says Jones. “Every year we seem to be getting more organizations on board with us, and that it is making this day great for our community,” says Jones.

In outlining the Rec Board’s goals for 2019, Marie-Anne Jones encouraged the board to offer the Playground sub-committee every assistance in realizing its objectives.

Working with the H.W. Fish Arena sub-committee, tasked with finding ways to increase use of the facility.

To this end, areas being looked into are possibly having a NPHL team and other hockey teams, indoor soccer and softball along with the possibility of other events. There is a Roller Derby planned for April to introduce or re-introduce the community and people in the area to this particular sport.

“At the Roller Derby event, it was suggested that we open the Rec Room Upstairs at the H.W. Fish arena and provide a food booth,” says Jones. “We have asked the arena committee to help us organize this event.”

The Rec Board also received received the CFIP Grant and a Grant from the Smoky River MD to help build a new Outdoor Multi-Sports Complex for which, preparation of the site will commence this spring.

The Executive Board appointed at the Rec Board’s AGM are Marie-Anne Jones – President, Kayla Jones – Vice-President, Margaret Jacobs – Secretary and Maggie Gervais – Treasurer.

The Board of directors are Genelle Beaudoin, B.J. Brulotte, Krista Veitch, Gail Taylor, Nathan Taylor, Sue Delaurier, Sharlene Lambert, Brian Whelen, Luc Dubrule and Lynette Lambert.


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