McLennan property tax mill rate down slightly for 2016

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Property owners in McLennan will see a slight decrease in the property tax mill rate for 2016, with the rate dropping from 20 to 18 mills for residential and from 30 to 28 mills for non-residential property. The lower mill rate is due to an increase in property values.

2016 Municipal Tax Rates: The total value of taxable Residential properties is $31,063,440, at a tax mill rate of 18 this will generate $559,141. Total value of taxable Non-Residential properties is $8,832,620, at a tax mill rate of 28 will generate $247,313.

Machinery & Equipment: 14,720 (Tax Rate 28.00) Municipal Taxes $412. Linear: $1,308,440 (Tax Rate 28.00)
Municipal Taxes raised $36,632

Total: Taxable $41,219,080 – Municipal Taxes raised $843,498

Estimated Expenses $1,702,140 – Estimated Revenue: $785,231 – Total to be raised by Property Taxes $834,786

School and senior taxes are collected on behalf of the Province and they are in addition to the amounts indicated above and have a slight decrease from 2.6185 in 2015 to 2.2674 2016. The seniors’ tax has also decreased slightly .1712 and this year .1565.

The tax bills are going out in the mail June 1 at the latest and will be due June 30. For those on a monthly payment plan the payments just continue on and there is no penalty provided all payments are up-to-date by December 31 with all property taxes paid in full.

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