McLennan council opposes provincial police force

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

McLennan town council continues to oppose the Alberta government’s plan to form its own provincial police force.
At its April 11 meeting, council received a letter from Colin Buschman, Western Government relations advisor, National Police Federation, asking them to join their “Call to Action” to scrap the provincial police idea.
And, to invest any proposed new money into “underfunded critical services” in Alberta.
“This injection of funding would have a larger and more immediate impact within our communities to improve community safety and the health and well-being of all Albertans,” wrote Buschman in an e-mail March 28 to council.
Council heard Mayor Jason Doris already responded in a letter supporting the Call to Action.
“I already responded to it in support,” said Doris.
Council already is on record against a provincial police force. They also supported a Rural Municipalities of Alberta resolution opposing the idea.
“I had a pretty good feeling on our guys’ thoughts on this,” said Doris.
“You did well,” replied Councilllor Sue Delaurier.
“[Don’t] change something that isn’t broken,” she added.
The Alberta government has been less than specific about what the formation of the police force would cost. To date, no detailed funding model has been released explaining how much or who would pay.
“Money wasted for nothing,” said Delaurier.
Buschman wrote in his letter the proposed cost is estimated at just over $1.2 billion over six years.
“An overwhelming 84 per cent of Albertans support retaining the RCMP and believer the Government of Alberta should instead focus on addressing the root causes of crime and social services,” wrote Buschman.
Buschman wanted a letter of support before April 15 prompting Doris to write before council’s official approval by motion.

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